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  • Taydem Ware

Thanksgiving: Falling Behind

The holidays are here, and some are obviously more popular than others. Christmas is the number one for very obvious reasons. There are presents shared, joy spread, and good food eaten. For a lot of people, like Andy Williams, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. However, just a month prior to December 25th, there’s another holiday that is well-loved; Thanksgiving. It’s a time to get together and give thanks for all that we are grateful for, and to feel a little extra love for one another. The turkey being pardoned has been an ongoing tradition since Bush. There’s also the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, with the huge balloons showcasing different characters, and celebrities on floats singing our favorite songs. Football is extremely popular and a staple in many households across the country. However, does Thanksgiving really get the love it deserves? Many people are now taking their fall decor down to replace it with Christmas items on November 1st. They’re listening to Christmas music, and watching Christmas movies. Thanksgiving seems like just another day to many people where we eat lots of food and take a nap while the TV announces who’s being tackled and who is making a touchdown. Although, there are some people who wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas. Maybe it’s just that Christmas makes people so happy that they need to decorate in November, or it’s really an overshadowing of Thanksgiving. However, I am pleased that there is a new movie based on the November holiday coming out, even though it is horror. Lastly, I will share a tip. If you’re tired of Thanksgiving because of the food being the same then and at Christmas, maybe try switching one up. My family has traditional food on Thanksgiving, and a themed dinner on Christmas. We’ve done pizza, Italian, Mexican, and even breakfast. If you try it out, you may be surprised that you have a newfound appreciation for Turkey Day.

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