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  • Havana Santis

Winter Sports Celebration

Lyon College chose to do Homecoming differently this year, and the results were interesting. As a senior at Lyon, I can attest to the uniqueness of this event, as nothing like it has occurred in my four years here. To start, Lyon hosted a “winter sports celebration” in the Becknell gymnasium on October 25. This sports “celebration” consisted of various staff and faculty members honoring Lyon’s homecoming court, naming the homecoming king and queen, recognizing our golf team that won a national championship, and allowing winter sports seniors to speak to the Lyon community directly. The celebration also had lots of fun games that only athletes were allowed to play (boo!). Overall, the event celebrated that homecoming was centered around our men’s and women’s soccer teams and encouraged students to support their peers who are in winter sports or who are celebrating achievements from fall sports. This change was interesting, as the usual homecoming “celebration” occurs on homecoming day, primarily celebrates the football team, and is located at Batesville High School’s football field. The structure of the homecoming court announcement was essentially the same in the gymnasium, and more students attended the celebration than they have usually attended the homecoming games off campus. However, I thought the inability of non-athletes to participate in the games and the overall event made it seem a bit exclusive and unserious. However, the event was a fun and free experience, and I’ll never forget it. Lastly, congratulations to Isabella Beasley and Wyatt Treadway, who were named Lyon College’s 2023 homecoming king and queen!

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