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  • Morgan White

Transferring to Lyon

I graduated from Ozarka College in May of 2023 and started here at Lyon this fall like many others. Ozarka is a very different college than Lyon, for one it is much smaller. I walk literally everywhere here, while at Ozarka my classes were all in the same building or online. When I was working on transferring, I was looking forward to a greater sense of community and while Ozarka did have one, it took more work to connect with others due to a lot of courses I took being online. I also was looking forward to the different on-campus things I could get involved with, like this newspaper you’re reading right now! Thankfully the commute times aren’t much different either, just a thirty-minute drive from Cushman, so there isn’t much change there that I needed to worry about. Also as a transfer, I know my education will be different than a freshman. I have all my basic classes so I am already taking classes for my major, History, and Anthropology. This is due to my advisor at Ozarka telling me to take as many of my main courses as possible so I am able to dive into my degree more easily and not have to worry about as many prerequisites. That has been a major help. So far I have been enjoying Lyon College and I look forward to the next semester!

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