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  • Morgan White

Relics of the Old Faith

Do you like rogue-like games? Do you like games where you manage an area? Well lucky for you, I have a game that is just that! Cult of the Lamb is a rouge-like indie game that was created by Massive Monster. In this game you take control of the last sheep, affectionately called Lambert, also known as The Lamb, running your own cult, and taking down each of the Bishops of the Old Faith. The one who guides you is the One Who Waits, a giant cat that is the Bishop of Death. You have four different dungeons that you can run through as many times as you like however, the first three times you fight a mini-boss and the fourth time you fight the bishop of that realm. For Darkwood you fight Leshy, Bishop of Chaos. For Anura you fight Heket, Bishop of Famine. For Anchordeep you fight Kallamar, Bishop of Pestilence. Finally, in Silk’s Cradle you fight Shamura, the Bishop of War. All of these bosses can be battled in any order, you just have to have the correct number of followers to unlock their door; however all have varying levels of difficulty. On the other side, you get to grow and manage your cult make your followers grow in numbers, decorate your base, and even give sermons. With the Relics of the Old Faith update, it gives more post-game content and even more replayability as it introduces a new purgatory mode that is a boss rush. I rate this game ten red crowns out of ten red crowns.

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