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  • Taydem Ware

Lyon's Mark on Penn State

October 10th was, for most of us, the last day of our Fall Break. It was nothing exciting, perhaps a little upsetting to remember that the next day all of our classes would resume and we would have the last of our midterms. Approximately 986 miles away from campus, at Penn State, Lyon students were making history. I don’t personally know what the area is like, but I do know that Lyon College has now left a mark that cannot be erased. Our men’s golf team has done an outstanding job doing what they’re great at, winning the USCAA National Championship with a total of 597. This is a nine point lead in front of Penn State Hazleton. They beat out 17 other teams to win first place in two days of playing. Out of 108 players, Lyon had six in the top ten. We at the Highlander want to say congratulations to our amazing team for their win, and we cannot wait to see what you do next year!

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