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  • Morgan White

Gotta Go Fast!

Now, I know video game movies aren’t usually very good. I’ve seen Hollywood directors fumble the bag when it comes to making a good video game movie. Some video game movies that are amazing are Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2! I am obsessed with them. They are perfect. However, I am very biased, so talk to a brick wall. I love seeing how they portray the characters in these movies, and Jim Carrey is the world's perfect Dr. Robotnik. I was originally worried about how they were going to portray Knuckles in the second movie. Often in new Sonic media, Knuckles is portrayed as an idiot. In the movie, however, they properly portray him as a naive warrior who wants to protect the Master Emerald. The third movie teaser trailer has come out and Shadow the Hedgehog is even going to be brought in: the edge lord himself! All of the original cast is coming back and I can surely say that these movies are downright amazing and very entertaining. I cannot wait until I get to watch the third one; I already know it’ll be good. Just remember that the internet bullied the company into changing Sonic’s original weird design into the cute, loveable one seen in the movies today.


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