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  • Taydem Ware

Total Eclipse of the Scots

Monday, April 9th was a truly spectacular day for millions of people, as Batesville residents, visitors, and many other Arkansans, and others in the path of totality across the nation were extremely lucky to be in the path of totality and witness the wonder while outdoors. Lyon hosted many people on campus for the event and had a multitude of activities to participate in, like the cornhole tournament, the Kids Zone, face-painting, and even a play tent for puppies. They also had many talks by students and faculty, including one about smartphone astrophotography.

Many people experience solar eclipses. They happen about every 18 months. However, the chance to view a total solar eclipse is extremely rare. They happen in the US about every decade, but most people cannot travel to see them.

Seeing pictures of a solar eclipse is nothing compared to the true wonder that ensues when you get to see it in person. I wasn’t lucky enough to be on campus for the celebration, but I did get off work for an hour for viewing. It could very well be the most amazing experience in my life thus far, although that sounds quite sad.

I hope you were able to capture your own pictures of the eclipse safely. The one pictured above is one that I was able to take a snap of. These are memories that are going to stay with us, and one day our grandkids will ask for stories about it, and we’ll get to relive it all over again. In fact, I encourage everyone to travel to any in the US if you’re close enough.


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