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  • Morgan White

Inventing Langauges in Fandom Spaces

Su cuy'gar! If you’re a massive Star Wars fan like me, then you might know that in Mando’a that means hello. Mando’a is the fictional language of Mandalorians, which is a group of people residing on the planet of Mandalore. The online community is entirely fostering the language at this point. It is fascinating to see a whole community of people coming together for the same cause of wanting to work on and grow this fictional language. Not a lot of fan spaces have whole languages being spoken constantly by the fans after it had been untouched by the source. Not even in official Star Wars shows do they use the language. It would be such an interesting thing to see in the newer Star Wars shows centered around Mandalorians utilizing this language! It would give so much more depth to the world and characters.


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