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  • Taydem Ware

CHM 182's Campus Recycling Initiative

All across campus, you can find boxes with a paper labeling them as “recycling”. These recycling boxes and the trailer are part of a project for Dr. Irosha’s CHM182 Conservation & Recycling class. The class created the project with hopes of inspiring faculty, students, and staff to become more mindful about where they’re throwing their trash and where it’s going to end up. The class and Dr. Irosha were inspired because the trash cans that look like “recycling” on campus are not. They go to the same place as everything else. However,  these boxes are specifically destined for the Independence County Recycling Center. There is a list of items that are accepted accompanying each box, so that the Lyon community can make sure they’re not putting perishable and non-recyclable items in the box.

While the main reward for participating in the recycling project is a feeling of helping the environment and community, there is also another incentive involved. For instance, there are gift card prizes available. Those who place items in the box are encouraged to fill out the form posted on the box. This allows for, at the end of the semester, their name to be put into a giveaway. The gift cards are for ten dollars at either the Salty Dog or the Scot Shop. 

Students and staff are also encouraged to keep boxes in their dorms and offices. These, once full, can be dropped off in the green trailer by the Temp. This trailer was graciously donated to us by the city. Once it begins to get full, it will be transported to the recycling center and emptied, then will be back onto campus once more.

This project is a great opportunity for Lyon to become more aware and involved with recycling. It helps build more mindful habits and a stronger sense of community and positive environmental actions across the campus. Make sure to fill out the papers in order to get your name into the drawing. You can put your name in multiple times, as long as you have placed something in the box.

Go Green, Go Eco Friendly, Go Scots!


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