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  • Liam Selhorst

The Mic is Open: An Evening of Artistic Expression and Black History Celebration

Lyon’s Black Student Association hosted a mic dropping competition on February 13th. Each participant had the opportunity to use their voice in a variety of unique ways. Some of the top performances included artists singing along to popular songs and some original poetry. The biggest uproar came when the host, Balah Muhammad, began dancing. Another performer, Logan Richerson, debuted an original song. He originally intended to sing and play piano, but decided to switch it up at the last minute and play guitar. An exciting change of plans for the audience that had no clue what to expect. To an uproar of applause, Isaac Rice performed Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker on his guitar. Isaac received first place overall in the competition. Rylan Turks, a vocalist, received second place awards. Turks, a football player, had the support of his team, and soon to be fans, as he belted out what could only be called an unlikely, but welcome, soprano serenade. The third place performer was the only poet to podium. Valley Murrell recited an original poem. After the judges announced the winners, they had the opportunity to enter a cash cube where a whirlwind of cash was up for grabs.

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