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  • Kasey Meyer

Rest in Pieces to "Big Pot"

To our loyal readers, the staff of the Highlander and the members of the Lyon College Art department, regret to inform you that while being fired, the famous “Big Pot” sesquicentennial vessel did not survive its firing. “Big Pot” was a labor of love for the Kilted Kiln and was intended to be moved about campus to commemorate the College’s 150th celebration. On that fateful November day, the vessel was reported to be starting to delaminate and “shooting shrapnel at the ducks, so we had to put it down,” according to an Instagram comment from Professor Jamie Berry. “Big Pot” lived a long life from October 2022 to early November 2022. The beloved vessel, which featured community handprints, was finally put down via an ax. Do not be saddened, dear readers, by the death of this adored piece of Lyon College history- it shall live on in the memories of those who knew it throughout its short life. Below is a statement from Professor Jamie Berry.

“It is with deep honor and mourning we remember our 6 foot 600 lb friend. He has donated his body to Clay Club to use him to bring betterment to our community and classes to come for the continuation of Lyon and beyond.”

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