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  • Lauren Brown

New Title IX Efforts on Campus

Recently, some issues with the structure of Title IX efforts and education have been brought to the attention of Lyon College administration. In order to address these concerns, there has been a mandatory program sent to all enrolled students through their Schoology pages. These efforts have been in an attempt to educate the college community about all aspects of Title IX.

The program sent to students involved watching a brief educational video over the topic. This included clear definitions of consent, situations in which consent cannot be given, different forms of sexual harassment and misconduct, the process of reporting possible Title IX violations, and a closer look at how students can help their community by reporting possible violations. After watching the video, students were asked to complete a brief assessment about what they learned and a 70% was required in order for the course to be counted as completed.

These informational programs are beneficial to students, even if for some of them the information may seem like common knowledge. Some students may also view the program as an easy way for administration to say that they are taking care of an issue. The reality is that there is no easy fix for educating everyone about the importance of understanding consent and the repercussions of certain actions. There has to be a first step for any effort, not just concerning this topic, and this seems to be that for the college and the positive community that administration is attempting to foster.

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