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  • Kasey Meyer

MAC Staff Study Tips

During the Mid-Term Study Buddy Night at the Morrow Academic Center, MAC staff provided the Highlander staff with their best study tips and advice for success. Come see the wide variety of study professionals at the MAC. Find their office hours at .

Peer Academic Coach and Writing Center

Colin Gopaul- Make a list

Kasey Meyer- You do not always have to write your introductory paragraph first, sometimes it is better to write the body of the paper first and go back to write your introduction paragraph when you finish.


Blayne Griffin- Listen to music as you study. He recommends instrumental music since lyrics can slow you down.

Nikkolette Perkins- Have a study partner to keep you accountable.

Sabrina Lowe- Use flash cards and mnemonic devices to help memorization.

Rachel Tyler- Retype your notes.

Ryan Holdiness- Repetition is key.

Supplemental Instructors

Bailey Barnard- Study and take your exams in similar environments.

Aisha Mahmoud- For math, make a book of rules for a quick reference.

Hunter Perkins- Do your studying in increments- not all at once.

Avery Aquino- Study for 30 minutes, then watch something for 5 minutes- generally incentivize studying in whichever way works for you.

Jonah Glover- Be persistent in studying and make flash cards.

Lola Beeser- If professors record lectures, listen to the lectures like a podcast.

Jake Lawreinko- Take notes beyond what is in lectures.

Allie Mead- Make a checklist and mark off tasks as you go.

Izzy Beasley- Study a week before the exam, do a little everyday so you do not get overwhelmed.

Abby Brantner- Never quit.

Braden Glenn- Work practice problems.

Kristen Baham- Set a time limit and do something rewarding for your breaks.

MAC and Salty Dog Staff

Emily Dyer- Start with reading the first and last paragraph for long articles. This is a good way to find your topic sentences and concluding sentences.

Donald Taylor- Never leave a homework/exam answer blank.

Carol McCreight- The most important part of studying is to have fun and be yourself *sparkle on*.

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