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  • Cindy Rainbolt

Let's Talk About Sex

All aspects of human sexuality have been suppressed since the beginning of society. It wasn’t until more recent years that people have begun talking about sex and sexuality more openly, and even now there are some unspoken boundaries in place. Popular media platforms have played a large role in allowing people to feel comfortable communicating about seemingly taboo topics. Society is becoming more progressive, but there are still some topics that are considered “unpopular” or “not classy” to talk about.

Human Sexuality Across the Lifespan is a course taught by Dr. Daniels. This class was previously taught as a Special Topics course, but it was added as an official course due to its popularity. This class is an elective for the Psychology major, so people who are not comfortable or interested in talking about different topics related to human sexuality are not required to take it. This is considered to be an upper-division course and is primarily designed for junior and senior-level students. The class primarily consists of class discussions ranging from basic anatomy and physiology to sex work.

I had the chance to speak with Dr. Daniels about the class, and she reported that her main goal for the class was to teach students to be good consumers of information and make informed decisions/opinions after being presented with all information. When asked why she was inclined to design and offer this course, she said, “I like offering the option to talk about sex as adults,” versus just sex education where everything is taught directly to a person. She emphasized the importance of having multiple perspectives on topics; her perspective is one of a social psychologist, but it is also important to have a purely biological perspective as well.

The golden rule for this class is that personal pronouns are never used, ensuring the comfort of students while still pushing them to talk about opinions and perspectives without seeming too personal. This class is typically offered every other year, and the only prerequisite is PSY 101!

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