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  • Havana Santis

Dungeons, Dragons and Databases!

Aidan Sonia-Buldoc is the newest full-time addition to Lyon College’s Mabee-Simpson library, and they have already implemented some extremely positive changes for the college. Aidan arrived at Lyon this summer, and they are most likely known across the Lyon campus for their Dungeons and Dragons programs in the Mabee-Simpson library. However, Aidan does not only run Dungeons and Dragons. Aidan makes Dungeons and Dragons an interactive experience for students and provides students with additional library resources and information as well as entertainment. Aidan’s experience with Dungeons and Dragons dates back to their experience as a public librarian, as they previously organized D&D events for middle schoolers! Their experience working in public libraries has previously focused on intertwining library resources with fun and interactive library programs, and that experience has helped Aidan bring powerful, community-building events to the Mabee-Simpson library. Aidan is open to feedback regarding any of the library’s services, and their office is always open. Aidan is available for research help related to any academic field, and they are often encouraging student involvement. According to Aidan, student involvement often correlates with improved academic performance. If you would like to speak with a librarian, send an email to “” If you get a chance, stop by office 203 in the Mabee-Simpson library and give them a warm welcome if you have not already!

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