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  • Havana Santis

Breaking News: The Highlander Wants You!

Hello, Lyon College community and outside visitors! The Lyon College Highlander is expanding its horizons for the next academic year! This student-led publication team has accomplished giant steps since the onset of COVID-19, as students have overcome several challenges related to restructuring The Highlander’s objectives and tasks. We have worked with “Writing Center” staff members from the MAC, student artists, and Lyon faculty to produce a community-based and interactive publication for the Lyon community. As we near the end of this academic year, the team will soon say farewell to some dedicated team members. Kasey Meyer, who works as a “Writing Center” tutor for Lyon students, has also been our copy editor and secretary. Louis Bollinger has been our “socials” manager, and he has worked with other staffers on keeping our website up to date. Both of these Lyon students have filled influential roles on our team. In order to adjust to the change in staff, we are beginning our search now for Fall 2023 staffers! The Highlander offers paid compensation for each general contribution and stipend payments for editorial positions. If you are interested in joining the team, please consider a few elements of working on the team. First, the team typically meets once a week in our designated room, and staffers must be responsible for attending as many meetings as possible and collectively keeping the room clean. Second, students can opt to be adjunct contributors or full-time staffers. Adjunct contributors typically have conflicting schedules with meeting times or overwhelming schedules. These contributors often interact with the copy editor, editor-in-chief, or faculty advisor and submit work via email. Full-time staffers attend weekly or bi-weekly meetings and work directly with other staffers. The Highlander typically uses GroupMe and emails for communication. Writers and editors have also used Google Docs for creating and editing writing pieces for submission. Staffers vote on positions anonymously after meeting in person, so any position is up for grabs! Some of our available positions include the following: editor-in-chief, copy editor/secretary, social media manager, print manager, general writers, adjunct writers, comic artists, photographers, advertising manager, etc.

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