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Fantôme du Monde (French club halloween party)

photo credit: Mio Koizumi

Lyon College’s French club hosted a Halloween party on Saturday, October 26th, at Bevens music room. All the students were welcomed. Guests were encouraged to show up wearing masks to make the event similar to a bal masquê (masquerade ball).

Although members of the French club organized the event, it was not only for students who speak French or who are enrolled in French classes at Lyon. Everyone on campus had an opportunity to come to the masquerade and experience a bit of French culture. At the party, people participated in a murder mystery game and a costume contest.

During the murder mystery game, one of the party’s guests secretly became the “killer,” and whenever they winked at another guest, that guest “died” and had to leave the game. The other guests had to scramble to identify the killer before the end of the night.

Jonathan Carrere, a member of the French club, won the costume contest. Surprisingly, he got a majority vote without any special Halloween costume. Dressed in casual, everyday clothes, he claimed that he came to the party as a DJ.

Also, many different kinds of French food, including cheese, bread, and cake, were provided.

Laura Mendez, a junior Psychology major, said, “I liked all the food that was there and how everyone was having a fun time!”

Lauren Kuykendall, a senior Spanish, French, and Anthropology triple major, also said the thing she liked most about the party was food. “Food is a very interesting way to experience French culture because food so often is an important part of a culture,” she said. She feels that “the most exotic way to learn about another culture is by trying the cuisine.”

This event provided an opportunity for Lyon College students to get a feel for a part of French culture. Also, since many people in the French club were there, it was a perfect opportunity to get to know the community for those who are interested in learning more about the culture and language.