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Mad Lather

Becky Varela of the Lyon College Business Office is the mastermind behind Mad Lather, a Facebook-based business which sells bath accessories. I sat down with her to learn more about Mad Lather’s origin, products, and future.

“When I started the business, I didn’t have a set purpose for creating it. I was on a Nichols trip when I found out what Lush was. I loved the idea of selling bath bombs, lotions, and scrubs,” she explained. She was intrigued to see a creative twist on soap because she usually grabbed basic soaps at the store without a second thought. She began to watch youtube videos on how to make soap, which deepened her interest. Soon, she wanted to make her own: “I started with soaps and ventured from there.” Since then, Mad Lather has expanded to include sugar scrubs, bath bombs, lotions, shower gels, car charms, lip scrubs, chapsticks, bath salts, bubble bars, and soap jelly.

All of Becky’s products are handmade with carefully-selected ingredients, and she strives to keep everything as affordable as possible. She says that making her products requires time more than anything else. She spends most of this time researching how to make new products, as well as what ingredients not to put in them. There are certain chemicals that she refuses to use because they can be harmful to our bodies. She says that it takes a lot of time finding ideas for new products that are authentic and original. Besides research, it takes a while to actually create soap or bath bombs. For example, a bar of soap takes six weeks to harden before it can be sold.

Mad Lather carries a variety of scented products. The most popular scents are “on Wednesdays We Wear Pink,” “No Ragrets,” “Forever Young,” and “Honey Please.” Seasonal scents are also popular: “Pumpkin Pecan Waffles” is a best-seller in the fall, and “Snow Cones” is a favorite for summer. Becky is also constantly innovating. For Valentine’s Day, she made bath bombs with Valentines hidden inside, which was well-received by her customers. In the near future, she hopes to add new lotions, bath bombs, and sugar scrubs to her ever-expanding line of Mad Lather products.

Interested readers can find Becky on Facebook under “Mad Lather- Soaps, Scrubs, Bubbles,” or visit her office in the located in the Nichols Building.