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The art of surviving a Lyon party

Whether you live on campus or you commute, you have more than likely been to at least one Temp, Row, or Terrace party. From “Disorientation” to “Ho Ho Ho Down,” these parties are a part of our campus culture and a fantastic way to let off a little bit of steam from the rigorous class load that Lyon is famous for. Chances are, something may have gone wrong at some point in the night, whether it was your best friend sobbing over the toilet about her ex, or some guy you don’t know getting a little too close while you’re trying to dance. For this reason, we at The Highlander present this humble guide for those who may need some tips and tricks for making it through a Lyon party as smoothly as possible.

Use the Buddy System

Never go alone to a party. This may seem like an unnecessary tip, but not only is this vital for your safety, but also for your personal enjoyment. Find a solid group of people that you know and trust, and make sure you can always find that group throughout the night if you need them for anything. It’s much more fun to dance with friends than to dance alone. At the very least, find one person who you know will be sober for the night, in case you find yourself in a situation that requires a driver, whether that be for a trip to the hospital or simply to McDonald’s.

The item you never knew you needed: the Fanny Pack

Regardless of what you think about its fashion value, a fanny pack can be your very best friend throughout the night. It is capable of holding the essentials that you may need during a party but don’t want to have to hold onto for hours at a time. Fanny packs come in multiple colors, patterns, textures, and styles, so you’re sure to find one to match any party theme that may come along. Here are a few things that would be perfect to store in your fanny pack:

  • Condoms - This should be self-explanatory. Be safe or be sorry!

  • A lighter - Everyone and their mother will ask you for a lighter.

  • Ponytail holder - If you’re a girl, you know. If you’re not, you’ll be popular for having one.

  • Snacks - You’ll thank us later.

  • Phone - Now you won’t be concerned with whether you left it sitting on the coffee table in the Kappa Sig apartment or not.

  • Identification Card - You’ll need this to get into every party, so why not keep it safe?

Drink. Water.

This should be self explanatory, but a night of dancing until you’re sweaty, combined with possible intoxication, is a recipe for disaster without water. If you’re of age, a good rule for drinking is a glass of water for every mixed drink you have. Keep hydrated, and you’ll feel better all night and, even more importantly, the next morning.

Be cautious, but not afraid

Bad things do happen, but know that not everyone is out to get you. Be aware of your surroundings and keep a radar out for the possibility of someone acting a little too weird, but let yourself have fun. Lyon parties are usually very safe, and they’re certainly much safer than off-campus parties or parties at larger universities. There are always going to be sober brothers at parties who you can go to if you feel unsafe, and know that they can be trusted to help you to the best of their ability.


Ladies, we don’t care how cute your “Heaven and Hell” costume looks with those six inch thigh high heels, don’t wear them unless you can wear them through a regular school day without doubling over. If you can’t make it through a normal day with them on, you likely won’t make it through a night of dancing, jumping, and traipsing around campus all night. No one will care if you wear your adidas with your fishnets instead of your stilettos.

The Look

Let your friends know about “The Look.” Imagine this scenario. You’re with your friends, dancing to Plain Jane by A$AP Ferg, when you notice that the guy that’s been eyeing you from across the room is making his way over. He dances on you, which is fine and dandy until he gets a little too handsy. Luckily for you, your friends understand “The Look,” a telltale signal that you’ve had enough of Chad trying to find his way underneath your favorite crop top. They scoot in between you and the oblivious perpetrator, and he eventually leaves if he’s smart enough to get the message.

Be nice to the DJ!

Fraternity brothers are not professionals. They not only have to reserve the venue, come up with the theme, and decorate, but they must also come up with a playlist that slaps enough for people to want to dance. Please cut them some slack, and be patient when requesting songs. They can only do so much with the resources they have.

Go crazy.

Let loose and enjoy yourself! This is the ultimate secret to making it through any party. Understand that no one really cares what you look like, and they are likely more concerned with themselves than you. Let yourself dance however you want; it won’t be remembered by anyone anyways. Dress up! Enjoy the themes and go as crazy - or as lazy - with it as you want to. You want to wear a full leather bodysuit at “Boo’s Bash” and be Catwoman? Do it. You decide that you’re not feeling the theme, and want to wear sweats instead? Go for it. The experience that you want is entirely what you make of it. Have fun, and be kind to others in their experiences, and you’re sure to have a successful weekend every time.