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Intramurals at Lyon

The intramural program at Lyon has steadily been growing over the past several years. Darrell Shaw, former LEAP Director, was instrumental in ramping up the program. Shaw introduced several new and exciting sports to the program such as bubble soccer, kayak polo, water volleyball and canoe battleship. Shaw also implemented the use of the phone application IMLeagues, so players could easily be checked in and scores and schedules could easily be displayed. Shaw left Lyon mid semester this year to pursue his career in Fayetteville; in his absence, LEAP Assistant Director Austin Smith has filled his shoes and is currently running the intramurals program. LEAP employs two full-time interns, Shelby LeGardye and Ayden Henry, and several part time referees. New this year is the trophy which is up for grabs. In the past, teams have competed for an overall men’s or an overall women’s trophy; this year, there is instead an individual men’s and women’s trophy for the MVP of the year. Another big change to intramurals this year has been working with the city and the recreation center. Soccer, volleyball and basketball have all been played on city fields or courts at the rec. center. This year there are men’s, women’s and co-rec leagues in which students or faculty/staff may participate in.