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Glitter and Tears: A Day in the Life of a Sorority Sister During Formal Recruitment

8:30 AM: Wake up, walk to the bathroom, turn right back around because a Potential New Member (PNMs) is in the bathroom.

9:00 AM: Ignore everyone in your class. You don’t know who is a PNM and who isn’t. You don’t know who can be trusted.

12:00 AM: Walk to the deathtrap, I mean cafeteria. Walk with your eyes closed. Smile at no one. Plan at least three exit routes, you never know which one will be blocked.

2:15 PM: Nap to conserve strength.

4:15 PM: Wake up. Makeup. Get prepped and ready for battle.

5:30 PM: Head to the party location. Location varies. Carry your heels so you don’t die.

5:45 PM: Say a prayer, adjust the balloons, do your best to not smell how delicious the food is because it doesn’t belong to you and you can’t eat it like you want to.

6:00: PNMs come in! The best part of the night. Get to know the girls that will be your sisters at the end of the week!

9:00 PM: You have now been talking to