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Glitter and Tears: A Day in the Life of a Sorority Sister During Formal Recruitment

8:30 AM: Wake up, walk to the bathroom, turn right back around because a Potential New Member (PNMs) is in the bathroom.

9:00 AM: Ignore everyone in your class. You don’t know who is a PNM and who isn’t. You don’t know who can be trusted.

12:00 AM: Walk to the deathtrap, I mean cafeteria. Walk with your eyes closed. Smile at no one. Plan at least three exit routes, you never know which one will be blocked.

2:15 PM: Nap to conserve strength.

4:15 PM: Wake up. Makeup. Get prepped and ready for battle.

5:30 PM: Head to the party location. Location varies. Carry your heels so you don’t die.

5:45 PM: Say a prayer, adjust the balloons, do your best to not smell how delicious the food is because it doesn’t belong to you and you can’t eat it like you want to.

6:00: PNMs come in! The best part of the night. Get to know the girls that will be your sisters at the end of the week!

9:00 PM: You have now been talking to the coolest girls of your life for three hours. You are amazed but exhausted. Now you have to put the room back together. Vacuuming glitter is scarier than you had ever imagined. Why do we have to pop the balloons? Why isn’t the whole night just sitting and talking and meeting new people? Why do your feet hurt so badly from two-inch heels? These are the questions that haunt you.

9:35 PM: Rush to Taco Bell. Cry when there is a long line at Taco Bell. Sit in your fancy dress at Taco Bell crying about how good your quesadilla is. Pack up your Taco Bell immediately after your first bite in order to run back to campus for more recruitment shenanigans.

10:00 PM: Super top-secret sorority meeting. No further information available.

10:45 PM: Head back to your dorm. Life is a fever dream. Time is irrelevant. Did you do your homework? Maybe. You can’t remember anything other than philanthropy information and how great those three bites of quesadilla were.

11:00 PM: Go to sleep. Did you take your makeup off? Irrelevant. You have to do this whole thing again tomorrow. Pray for mercy. Pray for peace.

12:00 AM: Dream about how great getting new sisters is. Dream about Bid Day. Remember that it’s all worth it.