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The Hard Work of Four Years’ Time: A Review of the Senior Thesis Exhibition

When I attended the art show yesterday in Kresge, I was astounded at the diversity of the pieces and the unique talent emanating from each artist. Each exhibition made use of different mediums, from ink and watercolor to silk and lace and even to party hats and hot glue, making the show all the more intriguing. The show included works from Robann Brown, Sarah Winters, and Kacy Perkins. The overall atmosphere of the show was lighthearted, and the artists, although tired from the lack of sleep which developed in the weeks prior to the show, were thrilled to present their senior exhibitions.

My particular favorite of the exhibitions was Robann Brown’s exhibition, “Seasons.” It portrayed Robann in various moments of her own life here at Lyon College, showing the good and the bad through it all. Her use of watercolor gives the flowers she paints in the background a beautiful contrast to of the ink-drawn static figures that catch the viewer’s eye. Each figure and flower represents a different part of Robann’s life and personality, and her courage to portray the dark parts of her that she doesn’t completely like is truly admirable. Her utilization of the language of flowers and the continuous use of marigolds throughout each piece give the works continuity and make them truly exquisite.

Sarah Winters presented an exhibition that was unique because of the fact that it was installed in just a few days prior to the show’s opening. The installation features bright colors that draw the eye of anyone entering the Kresge gallery, and this only enhances Sarah’s original intention to present the art as a party for viewers. Indeed, when I entered the space, it certainly made me feel like a child again amongst all of the bright colors and shapes. Sarah, upon explanation, said that she wanted the space to be a “happy and fun place for students to relax,” including a colorful bench that became functional art. To tie the whole piece together, she used green contact paper to create zig-zags that stretched across walls and traveled along the floors as well.

Kacy Perkins presented a much different medium, seeing as how her main art piece was a reconstructed dress originally made in the 70’s. When redesigning the piece, Kacy mentioned that the entire dress was recreated using scraps from the dress itself, aside from the tulle used to create the bottom of the dress to give it a more modern feel. Kacy said she enjoys focusing on turning vintage clothing into modern, wearable items. This piece was meant to give a visual indication to the disarray that weddings and marriage often create, and the dress was set on a wire frame and created in a setting meant to represent a home that combines both modern items and vintage keepsakes. Kacy spoke about her incorporation of red and pink into the set design in order to represent the love, passion, and even anger that comes along with marriage.

Overall, the seniors involved in this exhibition put their all into the works they presented, and it truly showed in the end. Each piece was a beautiful representation of the artists’ personalities, and although each was very different from the others, they somehow even worked coherently together to