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Mortar Board hosts SCARF

photo courtesy of Lyon College

The Lyon College Order of the Tartan Mortar Board Chapter hosted Lyon's annual Student Creative Arts and Research Forum (SCARF) on Thursday, March 22. SCARF is an opportunity for students to showcase their faculty-mentored research or projects. There were three categories in which students could present: Research, Creative Arts, and Humanities. Judges this year were Mr. Eric Bork, Dr. Paul Bube, Dr. Jeremy Chapman, Dr. Anthony Grafton, Dr. Terrell Tebbetts, and Dr. Nikki Yonts. The event was sponsored by Lyon's Provost Office and the Provost, Dr. Melissa Taverner.

To begin the night there were six poster presentations given by Alice Bewley and Luke Shackelford, Ian Hall, Emerson Smith and Zachary Hodge, Victoria Hutcheson, Alexandra Keene, and Makala White. Following the poster presentations there were four oral presentations by Marissa Ayers and Hannah Templin, Rebecca Philpott, Logan Hunt, and Jordan Trant. Dr. Melissa Taverner then gave a keynote speech while the judges made their final deliberations.

The second runner-up for the poster presentations was Makala White, first runner-up was Alice Bewley and Luke Shackleford, and Ian Hall received first place.

The second runner-up for the oral presentations was Rebecca Philpott, first runner-up was Marissa Ayers and Hannah Templin, and Jordan Trant received first place.