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Leigh King: Professor, Lawyer, President’s Wife

photo courtesy of Leigh King

Last semester the Highlander did a story over our new Lyon College President, Dr. Joey King. This semester we want everyone to get to know someone they may have seen on campus, but not been introduced to. We, of course, mean Dr. Leigh King, or “Just Leigh Please” as she prefers to be called. Before coming to Lyon College with her husband, Leigh King had a flourishing legal career, facilitated by her two law degrees (one from Southern Methodist University “SMU” and one from Texas Wesleyan), and she still practices when the need arises. Fun fact: she has practiced at the United States Supreme Court and has a Bachelors in Economics from Texas A&M.

Currently she teaches Human Resources Management, Business Law, and English Composition II here at Lyon as well as Criminal Law and Procedure at the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville (UACCB). According to her the classes are going well, enrollment is higher than normal, but that is to be expected, and Leigh King had this to say: “I am well equipped to handle classes this size. I love the relationship and synergy between our two schools and our two presidents. It’s fantastic.”

Despite having some rather intimidating credentials, Leigh King wants people to know that she is highly approachable. “Someone in Little Rock asked me if I had any children and I said I had over 650. I treat every student like my own and I love every student. I bake cookies and other treats, talk football, pain, and take care of Wendy (my poodle). I am a teacher, that is my passion. I am a teacher first and a wife second. I kind of consider myself the Campus Mom.” She does admit, however, to being a terrible driver, but that is her worst quirk. That and hating whenever someone mentions the words “Game Six” during baseball season.

She does have some advice for everyone: “Pick one or two professors and develop a relationship with them as mentors because if you do they will help you in many situations. They don’t have to be your advisor, but it is always good to have a mentor looking out for you.”

Along with getting some insight on her personality and how her semester is going, Leigh gave some perspective on what it was like moving from Virginia to Arkansas as well as some hints on the future of the Lyon campus and her excitement for upcoming events.

“How has it been adjusting to Arkansas after moving from Virginia?”

“It’s been nice. I visited Batesville three times before we officially moved here. I saw the schools, located the hospital and the clinic, the Wal-Mart and Kroger, the pharmacy, and saw the campus. The people are friendly and welcoming, and I am so grateful for that; this has been a helpful, positive experience.”

“Any particular event you are excited for this semester?”

“I am extremely excited for Scot Fest; my mother’s side of the family is Scottish, and we are entering Wendy in the dog show. Wendy already has her custom Lyon plaid doggy sweater and cap, given to her by a friend. I am also excited to see my students graduate because I am so proud of all of them when I see them walk across that stage. It is all about the students then. I even keep in contact with many former students and am proud to call them colleagues.”

“Any plans for the Lyon campus you can share at the moment?”

“Yes! We will have one pet friendly dorm starting in the fall, with maybe more in the future; Wendy will either be excited or confused with all the new animals. My question is: why not bring your pet to college? They are your best friend, and it is good for a student and his/her pet entering the next chapter together. We will be the only college between Texas and the East Coast to be pet friendly.”

There you have it. Leigh King is a quirky lawyer turned professor with a passion for football and teaching; she is a total extrovert with a ready smile for anyone. She has some big dreams for the future of Lyon, and we here at the Highlander wish her and her husband the best of luck in all present and future endeavors.