“Life is a waterfall; We drink from the river, then we turned around and put up our walls.” – Aerials by System of a Down

Mac Reece is a Freshman at Lyon College. She is a double major in English and History with a concentration in Secondary Education and a Minor in Film and Media Studies. She works for The Highlander as the Managing Editor. She states, “I worked four years with my high school as a staff writer, photographer, and videographer covering athletics” was her reasoning for joining the on-campus newspaper staff. Aside from managing the various articles written for the newspaper, Mac also is affiliated with the SGA as a Freshman representative, Honor Fellows Program, Gardening Club, Dark Roast on KILT Radio and Archery. Some fun facts about Mac are that she is learning how to skateboard, have worked for ESPN, went to Washington, DC in 2018 to represent Arkansas in the Washington Journalism and Media Conference, and worked for a bank managing social medias.